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I was waiting for the school to end for so long that I did not even notice that it ended.  A week ago.  

Hannah's report card is fabulish (in Hannah speak).  She got all highest marks, a good comment from her teach who noted that Hannah's ability to participate in group setting has improved.

Rebekah predictably got all highest marks in subjects, but not so great marks in behavioral areas.  I am concerned now that that may impact her getting into the enrichment program in September.  But, nothing we can do about it now.  So we'll wait.

We are full force into summer activities and everybody is enjoying themselves tremendously. 


Jun. 15th, 2010 10:45 pm
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Ребека написала сочинение в школе на тему "I want to travel around the world in a  hot air balloon"

If I could go in a hot-air balloon, there are three places I would like to visit.  I would go to California, Hawaii, and New York.

First, I travel to California.  In California, I would go to Hollywood to meet the stars and see movies LIVE!  Next I would go to Disney Land.  I would go see great rides.  Then I would go to the water parks.

The second place I would visit is Hawaii.  I would visit beaches, all stores, and stay at a beautiful hotel by the beach.

The last place I would go to is New York.  First I would go to is Adventure Land*.  The second place I would go to is Splish Splash**.  I last place I would to is Niagara Falls.

As you can see, there are many places I would go in a hot-air balloon.  I had so much fun traveling in ahot-air balloon.  Where would you go?

* Adventure Land is children's amusement park.
** Splish Splash is a water park.
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The school cannot end soon enough.  I cannot deal with the school or the teacher any more. I give up and will take up this project again in September.  

Here is the latest. )


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We went to school today and had a conversation with the principal regarding Rebekah and her teacher.  It went pretty much as expected.  Teacher is the best, you child needs to learn to control her behavior. 

As far as the remaining 4 weeks of school are concerned. Adam brought up a point that the daily happy/sad face cards work as a punishment to Rebekah without any kind of reward for good behavior.  Principal agreed and we came up with a few suggestion for the teacher on what she can ask Rebekah to do in-between assignments (that is where she fidgests the most and plays with things like erasers, pencils, and paper).  Normally kids are expected to either read a book or practice their cursive writing if they are done with the worksheet.  That does not work for Rebekah.  She gets bored doing same thing over and over.  Some of the suggestions were to give her an extra worksheet to work on, let her write in her journal, or ask her to read a book and write a small report.  Also, as part of the reward we agreed that if Rebekah behaves well for 2-3 days in a raw, she would be allowed to spend some time drawing or working with paper.  Will it work?  I don't know.  We'll see.  **

As for the main reason of our meeting, we told the principal that we want to make sure that next year, Rebekah would be in class with the teacher that would be a better personally match and who's teaching style would be more suited to Rebekah's kinesthetic way of learning.  Also, we would want a teacher that would take the time to get to know our child as a person.  As an example, I told her how Rebekah's last year teacher, noting that Rebekah is very artistic and into fashion, took the time to talk to Rebekah about fashion for a few minutes a day.  The principal kept stressing that in 3rd grade there would be even higher expectation in terms of discipline and school work.  We kept stressing that we have no problem with the school work and expected discipline, as long as the teacher shows some kind of interest in child's personality and allows for creative outlet. 

As for the meeting itself, Adam critiqued me afterwards that I talk too fast, don't let people to put a word in, and repeat the same point over and over.  I told Adam that I felt like he was falling asleep after every word.  Oh well. 

Update:  Got this email from the pricipal

Thank you for coming today.  I spoke to Ms. Idiot and asked her to give Rebekah choices other than reading when she completes her work.  Ms. Idiot said she has a menu of 5 things from which to choose; read, write in her journal any thing she likes, study spelling words, review math flash cards (which she can move around her desk), continue on writing projects in the class.  In addition on Fridays there is always free time if the children followed the rules during the week.  Ms. Idiot said that she will reward your daughter with art type activities if she has a few good days in a row.
Enjoy your weekend.
Ms. Principal
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*Рейтинг блогов* So, after the Tuesday morning discussion with Rebekah's teacher and her suggestion to send me home daily index cards with notes and happy or sad faces (yes, very grown-up and mature of her), she really took this to heard.  So yesterday, Rebekah brought home an index card stapled to her notebook.  This one:

You can even see my signature (as per our agreement to ensure that I keep up with her index cards).

Then today Rebekah brings home another index card.  This one: )
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Вчера я ходила с детьми записывать Ребеку на уроки музыки в школе.  Запись проходила в местной старшей школе.  С начала был небольшой концерт. Выступали два оркестра старшей школы, струнный и духовой.  Исполняли классические произведения и более современные с различными звуковыми добавками.  Должна сказать, что видя этих 14-16 летних "детей" на сцене с розовыми причёсками, проколотыми бровями, в кроссовках и спортивных шортах, не очень ожидаешь услышать качественный концерт классической музыки.   Я была приятно удивлена.

Ребека уже 3 месяца ждала этого события.  Она собиралась записать на скрипку.  У них в школе уроки начинаются с 3 класса, т.е. для неё со следующего года.  Мы туда шли записывать её на скрипку по её желанию.  Но, после выступления, детям дали потрогать и попробовать все инструменты, и так же обяснили чем они отличаются и как звучат.  Ребека решила что виола ей нравится больше.  А топом я её еле оторвала от виолончели.  В итоге, когда я заполняла анкету, надо было указать 3 выбора инструмента в порядке предпочтения.  Ребека указала виола, скрипка, и виолончель. *Рейтинг блогов*

От учителей, я там узнала как эта программа устроена.  В начальной школе у них один урок в неделю по 45 минут в маленькой группе (3-5 человек), уроки разбиты по инструментам.  В средней школе, уроки начинаются 3 раза в неделю, а в старшей школе - каждый день, 5 раз в неделю.  Инструменты в школе дают на прокат, т.ч. покупать свой инструмент не надо.  Цена за прокат инструмента и школьные уроки просто символическая - $75 в год.  И ещё, уроки можно начать с Сентебря, когда начнётся школа, или с Июля.  Они должны прислать всю информацию домой.  Я думаю что мы будем начинать с Июля.

Теперь Ханна с нетерпением ждёт когда она будет записыватся на эту программу через 2 года.  Она тоже попробовала все инструменты и сказала что будет играть на скрипке. 


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:05 pm
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Today, Becky brought home her graded math test from yesterday.  She got 94%.  Also, she had spelling and vocabulary tests today and to 100% on both.  Ever since she started the 2nd grade, her worst grade was one math test back in late October where she got 80% (8 wrong out of 40 problems).  All her Social Studies tests and Language arts were 100%.  Spelling very rarely she gets one word wrong, generally it is 100%.  Math is over 92% always. 

I don't think she is being challenged enough in school.  Last night before she went to bed she asked me to email Sabrina the website where she can practice her multiplication.  She started reading more.  Her reading in general is very good.  I can definitely see the difference from earlier this year.  Sveta got her two books for New Year from the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series.  She read them both.  She is now reading a book about Mia Hamm for her school book presentation.  She is reading books to Hannah on days when I don't have time to read to her and helps Hannah review her sight words. 

The whole summer she was scared of having to learn to write cursive in 2nd grade and now she thinks it is the best thing in the world.  Every piece of paper in our house is scribbled with her notes in cursive.  She is bored in her school art class and is creating her own art and craft projects at home.  This week she decorated her whole room with her projects.  Earlier this week she presented Adam and I with our own teddy bears that she drew, colored, and cut out. Before that we got a hedgehog Hegy made out of play dough. She is very creative. 

She gets excited about any kind of extra class, project, and presentation, anything that she gets to do.  This week in school they had archeological presentation and they got to create their own "fossils" out of clay (like baby foot prints).  She brought home a "fossil" of squirrel paw print and spend half hour telling me about it.

Last week she was watching Science Channel on TV.  The space exploration program was on.  She came running to me screaming; "Mommy, I know who was the first man on the moon - Uree Gagaree" (that is how she spelled it).  We got into an hour long discussion about Gagarin being the first man in space, Armstrong being the first man on the moon, the evolution of space explorations and satellites, orbits, space stations, etc.  After all of that she scribbled some notes on piece of paper in her best cursive and sealed them in the envelope.  She said she will give them to her teacher.  Learning that Yuri Gagarin was Russian was the best piece of news to her. 

*Рейтинг блогов*


Nov. 17th, 2009 10:14 pm
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I was going through Becky's school work sorting it and came across some interesting stuff.

Read more... )
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Becky wrote a short story at school following the following sentence:

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but one day while I was on my way to school...
a monster jummped out and ate my homework.  When I got to school, I got detention.
My teacher was so mad at me.  When I got home my perents were so mad at me too.
I woke up and it was all just a dream.

I really like it, and she spelled all of it herself (mistakes and all).

They also had to fill out a sheet about their favorite things:

Book - Miley Cyrus
Subject - Art
Pet - Cat
Food - Sushi
Hobby - Shopping
TV Show - Hannah Montana
I am good at - Making cheesecake
When I grow up, I would like to be - a Base ball player
In math for the 5th day in the row, her homework was to add two single digit number vertically.  I asked her today if she is getting bored with her math work and she enthusiastically proclaimed that it is the same boring thing over and over and she wants to learn "times" (multiplication).  I promised to work with her on it and also told her that if she wants, I can get her workbooks where she can practice.  After explaining that she would have to spend extra time after school and on weekends to do this, she was totally fine with it.  While we were discussing math, she also asked me to teach her how to write cursive and we practice a few words. She is doing fairly good with it. 

Then we had to go somewhere, so while in the car, I asked her to count by 15.  She's done it last week, but did not like it.  She refused to count by 15 and asked an easier number to count by.  I spit out 22 (how's that easier?). 

We also reviewed her spelling and vocabulary words for tomorrow's test.  Seriously, her spelling words were the likes of "dish" and "chase", 12 total. Her extra credit words were "across" and "address".  Her vocabulary words were "quickly", "leaned", "fig", a two others.  She knew all of these last year.

I feel completely cheated by our school district.  Anyhow, she counted to over 300 by 22s without much effort.  I think we will start multiplication table this weekend.


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