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Я выучила новое слово: apercu

Из Оксфордского словаря
aperçu (a·per·çu)
noun (plural aperçus pronunc. same)

a comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point

Origin:early 19th century: from French, past participle of apercevoir 'perceive'

Перевода на Русский не нашла. :(

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We went to school today and had a conversation with the principal regarding Rebekah and her teacher.  It went pretty much as expected.  Teacher is the best, you child needs to learn to control her behavior. 

As far as the remaining 4 weeks of school are concerned. Adam brought up a point that the daily happy/sad face cards work as a punishment to Rebekah without any kind of reward for good behavior.  Principal agreed and we came up with a few suggestion for the teacher on what she can ask Rebekah to do in-between assignments (that is where she fidgests the most and plays with things like erasers, pencils, and paper).  Normally kids are expected to either read a book or practice their cursive writing if they are done with the worksheet.  That does not work for Rebekah.  She gets bored doing same thing over and over.  Some of the suggestions were to give her an extra worksheet to work on, let her write in her journal, or ask her to read a book and write a small report.  Also, as part of the reward we agreed that if Rebekah behaves well for 2-3 days in a raw, she would be allowed to spend some time drawing or working with paper.  Will it work?  I don't know.  We'll see.  **

As for the main reason of our meeting, we told the principal that we want to make sure that next year, Rebekah would be in class with the teacher that would be a better personally match and who's teaching style would be more suited to Rebekah's kinesthetic way of learning.  Also, we would want a teacher that would take the time to get to know our child as a person.  As an example, I told her how Rebekah's last year teacher, noting that Rebekah is very artistic and into fashion, took the time to talk to Rebekah about fashion for a few minutes a day.  The principal kept stressing that in 3rd grade there would be even higher expectation in terms of discipline and school work.  We kept stressing that we have no problem with the school work and expected discipline, as long as the teacher shows some kind of interest in child's personality and allows for creative outlet. 

As for the meeting itself, Adam critiqued me afterwards that I talk too fast, don't let people to put a word in, and repeat the same point over and over.  I told Adam that I felt like he was falling asleep after every word.  Oh well. 

Update:  Got this email from the pricipal

Thank you for coming today.  I spoke to Ms. Idiot and asked her to give Rebekah choices other than reading when she completes her work.  Ms. Idiot said she has a menu of 5 things from which to choose; read, write in her journal any thing she likes, study spelling words, review math flash cards (which she can move around her desk), continue on writing projects in the class.  In addition on Fridays there is always free time if the children followed the rules during the week.  Ms. Idiot said that she will reward your daughter with art type activities if she has a few good days in a row.
Enjoy your weekend.
Ms. Principal
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Our new district school budget did not pass the vote last night.  It was an all or nothing budget that if passed meant an additional $1000 in taxes to homeowner, and if not passed, they are to go to the austerity budget and cut down all/most after school programs.  So the budget did not pass.  And 2 minutes ago I get an email from Rebekah Girl Scouts troop leader telling us that since the budget did not pass, they will not be able to use school afte school hours for meeting and thus need to find a new meeting space.  I am guessing that art, theater, music, clubs and all other things are next on the chopping block. 
*Рейтинг блогов*

UPD:  OK, I am even more upset, since the new budget was going to be only $300 in taxes, not $1,000.  Rumors are they will try to re-vote for it again since it did not pass by only 22 votes.
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*Рейтинг блогов* So, after the Tuesday morning discussion with Rebekah's teacher and her suggestion to send me home daily index cards with notes and happy or sad faces (yes, very grown-up and mature of her), she really took this to heard.  So yesterday, Rebekah brought home an index card stapled to her notebook.  This one:

You can even see my signature (as per our agreement to ensure that I keep up with her index cards).

Then today Rebekah brings home another index card.  This one: )
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Hannah is bringing home a new sight word every other day.  So far words she brought from school are:


She and I were reviewing her sight words today and then we were reading a book and Hannah was supposed to read all words that she knew.  Afterwords I suggested to her that we create our own sight word cards with other words that she knows how read.  We added to her list:


I am sure there are more words that she knows, but they were not in the book we read.  We will pick out a different book tomorrow.

She also brings home from school little books that they are supposed to read to parents every day.  She has 3 books so far.  All books are using only their school sight words or picture for other words.  She got a reading certificate yesterday in school for reading her book to the class. 

For writing they are practicing their letters (one at a time).  They are up to letter "J" now.  Also, every day, she has to write her first and last name one time.  She also has to write her current sight word 3 times, then write a sentence (with parent's help) using her sight word, and draw a picture about her sentence. 

In math they are studding patterns.  For a month now, she does circle triangle circle triagle, leather, rinse, repeat.  On one of her worksheets, there was a pattern of 3 items, shoe jacket glove, but it was crossed out by the teacher as too challenging.  *face palm*

Out of the blue, last weekend, Hannah asked me to teach her Russian.  I told her a few words, but then I was kind of thinking that she will forget about it.  No, she has asked me 3 times this week.  How do I force myself to speak Russian to her I don't know.  But I will try and see what happens.

For todays homework she had to write 4 things that she is thank ful for.  She wrote:

my toys
my family
Have food from God
For the whole school

I had to have a brief conversation with her how food comes from stores, I bring food home, you can refer to God as Mommy from now on. 
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Becky wrote a short story at school following the following sentence:

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but one day while I was on my way to school...
a monster jummped out and ate my homework.  When I got to school, I got detention.
My teacher was so mad at me.  When I got home my perents were so mad at me too.
I woke up and it was all just a dream.

I really like it, and she spelled all of it herself (mistakes and all).

They also had to fill out a sheet about their favorite things:

Book - Miley Cyrus
Subject - Art
Pet - Cat
Food - Sushi
Hobby - Shopping
TV Show - Hannah Montana
I am good at - Making cheesecake
When I grow up, I would like to be - a Base ball player
In math for the 5th day in the row, her homework was to add two single digit number vertically.  I asked her today if she is getting bored with her math work and she enthusiastically proclaimed that it is the same boring thing over and over and she wants to learn "times" (multiplication).  I promised to work with her on it and also told her that if she wants, I can get her workbooks where she can practice.  After explaining that she would have to spend extra time after school and on weekends to do this, she was totally fine with it.  While we were discussing math, she also asked me to teach her how to write cursive and we practice a few words. She is doing fairly good with it. 

Then we had to go somewhere, so while in the car, I asked her to count by 15.  She's done it last week, but did not like it.  She refused to count by 15 and asked an easier number to count by.  I spit out 22 (how's that easier?). 

We also reviewed her spelling and vocabulary words for tomorrow's test.  Seriously, her spelling words were the likes of "dish" and "chase", 12 total. Her extra credit words were "across" and "address".  Her vocabulary words were "quickly", "leaned", "fig", a two others.  She knew all of these last year.

I feel completely cheated by our school district.  Anyhow, she counted to over 300 by 22s without much effort.  I think we will start multiplication table this weekend.
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