Feb. 1st, 2013

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This is busy season at work. No. Let's rephrase this.

This is my VERY BUSY season at work.

I work 10+ hours per day including weekends. I get home after 10pm every night. And I am barely keeping up my head above water with work load. All of this is normal for right now. What's not normal is the bureaucracy that I'm dealing with at work.

I have a client in Connecticut.  When I was on that client in November, I drove my own car and submitted mileage for reimbursement.  For seven days travel to and from the client, I got reimbursed $594 and some cents. 

I am supposed to start on that client again in two weeks, but I can no longer drive my own car.  I let them know at the office yesterday that I need to rent a car for this.  And what do I get?  Agita!  Pure and simple. 

First they tell me that client expense structure doesn’t support car rental.  Then they tell me that owning a car was a condition as to why I got assigned to this client and I can’t change my car ownership just because and that I should’ve talked to them about it when it happened.  Don't even get me started on this one.

Then, they tell me that they are looking into the option of me taking public transportation to the client, and that I should put together a memo detailing all cost for three available commute options.

So I spend an hour yesterday putting together this idiotic memo showing them the following costs per day:

Driving my own car: Mileage reimbursement plus tolls - $83

Renting a car: Car rental plus gas plus tolls - $72

Public transportation: Are you ready for this?  It came up to $411 per day. 

Do you want to know how commuting to my client by mass transit came to this?  Here it is:

  • Subway, railroad, taxi from railroad station in CT to client’s office - $25
  • Commute time over 90min is charged to the client at $250 per hour.  My commute by mass transit would take 150 min to get from home to client’s office.
  • Because it’s busy season we are entitled to take car service home from office/client if we are working past 8pm and at least 9 hours a day.  From CT to Long Island that would be $130.
  • And let’s not forget tips to the cabbies and tolls on the way home.  So another $7 for tolls plus tips.

For a grand total of $400+ for one day of commute.

Not surprising, I got approved to rent a car.

And just to spite the bureaucrats, I charged half hour to the client (mind you, I could’ve charged the whole hour, but even I find this ridiculous).   

Therefore, in the attempt to save on the expenses charged to the client and making me go through this exercise they ended up charging the client $125 for this stupidity on their part.  In the end, my company will eat this extra cost (with many others), but that’s not the point here, is it?


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